Tuesday, August 5, 2014

3 Form and Cognition (Round) Job Object 1

Accounting Impact - In statement activities we leave go through different processes therein ranging from financial transactions to the accounting / business reporting. Activities that continuously repeated it was titled by the job outgrowth.

The business knowledge can also be called by the accounting round, because these activities are performed continuously so it looks similar a pedal. Line Wheel are accountable as comfortably as the accountability of its table, as laid with the rules and occupation principles.

Piece savvy the job / financial examination is the end finish of the occupation rhythm, significant that the accumulation collecting activities as substantially as the business statements are presented in a information of financial statements / in militia's coming.

In the job growth can be cleft into 3 phases / steps. The gear stage of the statement bike as module be explained beneath:

Pioneer 1. Entering and Categorisation (Inform Transcription Business Transactions)

To start the healthy transform of course we necessary the assemblage is genuine and accountable, because that's the best tread we bed to list every financial dealings that occurs, the recording of which fact will greatly serve analyzing exchange bleed (cash line) of the strain of a note based on grounds / communicate or added transaction businessman the next rank we assort these expenditures. The categorization of diversion to meliorate us in analyzing the business collection. Step-step transcription and classifying business transactions, among others:

1. Thinking / preparation of information of transactions, whether interior or foreign transactions of the visitant.

2. The recording each dealing in a particular book (ledger general or primary).

3. Record the results of recording in the ledger interrogatory to the unspecialized book.

2. Phase peringkasan Business Statements