Wednesday, May 11, 2016

10 Practical Business manejemen

we definitely want to do something to earn money in abundance. And one way to measure in it is to do business. But if we are not careful and painstaking in the run rather than to actually lose.

As quoted from, there are 10 tips to start, organize and manage our business. Well here are the 10 tips:

Realistic 1.Lebih
When we make a model of our business, we try to look around and find examples of our business model, siklus akuntansi
and then we learn. If we are unable to find an example of our business model might be because we are geniuses, or may diakatan our model can not succeed in the real world.

business management
we must strive hard degan (image:

2. Do not Invest Money Alone
We need to remember that most of the business is a journey filled with risk, then we need to find a partner. So if all does not correspond to the original plan, we would not lose money because the business had been and would not be pursued by debt.

As well as to make the team will help us in the work and the workload will be divided.

3.Bersedia Work Harder
If we do not want to work hard, long hours, forgetting for a moment the pleasure of the entrepreneurial world may not fit with us. Definitely for initially we will not be able to pay employees, although employees are underpaid. So the first time employees is our own.

4.Hargai time
Put a monetary value for each of our time, let's say Rp10 thousand per hour. This will help us when making decisions: where a vendor when we menenakan cost Rp. 5 thousand for each shipment perminggunya and if we take yourself free.

But but when we picked it takes 2 hours to go to the location of the vendor, the better you pay the postage of the company because it will be cheaper.

Decide us to work more efficiently, because in many cases, time is more valuable than the price we pay people to do things that many mengahbiskan time.

Employees with Good 5.Rekrut
Regardless of the size of business that we have, surely we'll memebutuhkan employees from outside. For that we need to make the recruitment process carefully, without tergsesa rushed, and should consider the recruitment process was as important as we start a business.

Be unfortunate if we have a vision for our efforts, but hire employees who actually hinder the realization of our vision.

6.Jual Excess, Not Price
By the time we start a business, initially would have been hard to open up the market. But if we compete on price, in the end we will only sell our products at a price of a mediocre or even at a price below the price of capital.pengertian akuntansi

For that we need to master the skills to communicate with customers, in order to explain the high price of our products due to have a better value than similar products.

7.Ketahui Basic Score (Count HPP Carefully)
Important for us to know how much capital is needed in order to run our business, starting from the rent, electricity, employee insurance, to the smallest things like the price of printer ink, paper, as well as taxes.

Setalahnya us for all that with a few days of the year we will open a business, well that's called basic figures, the minimum amount of income that we would need per day. When she did not think about these basic numbers, try thinking back to open a business.

8.Gunakan Latest Technology
New technologies as well as applications and data in cloud storage technology is very cheap and make mempu small companies to compete with larger companies. Take advantage of low-cost technologies that exist in the market.

Vendors with Good 9.Perlakukan
Treat all vendors as well as our suppliers as possible, just as we treat all our customers. It could be they will give a discount to us by our pemasanan volume, or even could have in order to maintain good relations towards us.contoh laporan keuangan

With this good relationship maybe they would understand what happened when the late payment, or can only give a free shipping to us.

Best 10.Jadilah
We should not half-half in running our business. Every thing we lakuakan we should do well, as well as we treat our customers. As for kta create and sell must be the best.

Do that on an ongoing basis, and the power of word of mouth will spread widely.

Well so first explanation of business management is good, hopefully the last article we can take a lesson. Thank you for reading our article, and I'll see you in another article.